Game: Pick 4 Evening (Illinois)
Play TypeOddsExample PlayPayouts
Straight Match in exact order50¢ Play$1.00 Play
1 in 10,0006789$2,500$5,000
Box Match in any order50¢ Play$1.00 Play
4-Way4 in 10,0006777$600$1,200
6-Way6 in 10,0006677$400$800
12-Way12 in 10,0006788$200$400
24-Way24 in 10,0006789$100$200
Straight/Box Match in exact order or any order Costs $150¢$1.00
4-Way1 in 10,000/4 in 10,0006777N/A$3,100/$600
6-Way1 in 10,000/6 in 10,0006677N/A$2,900/$400
12-Way1 in 10,000/12 in 10,0006788N/A$2,700/$200
24-Way1 in 10,000/24 in 10,0006789N/A$2,600/$100
COMBO Covers all Straight combinations of a 4-digit number. A 50¢ base pay costs $2 to $12 depending on the numbers you select. A $1 base pay costs $4 to $24 depending on the numbers you select$2,500$5,000
4-Way4 in 10,0006777$2 Play$4 Play
6-Way6 in 10,0006677$3 Play$6 Play
12-Way12 in 10,0006788$6 Play$12 Play
24-Way24 in 10,0006789$12 Play$24 Play
*Combined straight and box payouts


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